Thursday, August 4, 2011

School is going Fantastic

I've been doing great in school.  I passed my haircutting with no problem and haircoloring I test out in tomorrow but I have been getting excellent grades in that too. I found a wonderful blog for little girl hairstyles and I have tried about 3 of them so far on my daughter and she just loved them. The blog is The Story of a Princess and Her Hair. Here are the results of my attempt with sis' hair.

Then I seen an updo in a book "Great Hair : Elegant Styles for Every Occasion" By: Davis Biton, So I decided to give it a shot on my mannequin and here is the result.

During haircoloring in class I got my hair recolored and I redid my nails
My hair is darker now and if you look close you can see red and violet in the color

During class we had to bring in models to color their hair. I took Gage in for another classmate to color and here is his result.

I colored someone else's hair and here is her result.

Look at the violet color in her hair it turned out awesome. She really liked it.

Well that is all for now my next post will be on our vacation .