Monday, January 31, 2011

An Awesome Meeting with Hulk Hogan & George "The Animal" Steele

I want to talk about a great and awesome memory I have  but first want to apologize for the inactiveness of my new blog. We don"t have internet at home yet and I can only get on when I can get to the library. I will try to read and post as much as I can till I can get internet at home.
 One of my favorite memories, besides having my kids is when I met 2 wrestlers in person and got their autographs and shook their hands.  Now as a back history on this my dad was a huge wrestling fan and basically raised me on it. I grew up watching Ric Flair, Cactus Jack, the Steiner Brothers, George "the Animal" Steele and many more. My hubby and I got to watch an AWA wrestling match at a local fair grounds. I don't remember who all wrestled that day but one  that I got to talk to was George "the Animal" Steele. He was even better in person than on tv. He was so friendly and polite and he loved to talk. You could tell he loves his job no matter how old he is. He signed a picture of himself and shook my hand. That was a moment that when I told my dad about later he seemed to be jealous but was excited for me.

The next wrestler I got meet in person and my dad was with me was Hulk Hogan. He is so big and tall but another wrestler truly in it for the love of the fans and his job. I went to a signing at the mall for his daughter Brooke. My dad went with me because I was monthes pregnant and due for my c-section later that week. I took a book for both to sign and he looked thru the book and signed his picture in there. He asked me how far along I was and asked me why I came to that instead of taking it easy at home. I said I just had to me them both in person. He laughed and I got him to wave at my dad (which made his day). I moved down got his daughter's autograph and went home. I was excited and I don't regret ever going. These two wrestler's have got to be one of the best there ever will be at least in my eyes. 

Both pictures are linked to their website