Thursday, June 28, 2012

Well it has been awhile since I blogged so I would like to update you all on my business as of late. We moved to a safer location from where we were and we love it here. I have been studying a lot at school and just about have all my credits I need to graduate. Actually I will have all my credits next week then I go back to pre-salon to get the 2 classes I need to make up from missing due to my surgery. As soon as I am done in there I take the exit test to graduate in mid August.  I am working on yet another competition at school. The theme is the Olympics and it involves hair nails and make up. Here are  photos of my work in progress.   Any ideas are welcome to assist me.

                                     I'm still working on the nails but these are the ideas I have for them. We have to submit at least 5 nails so I wanted 5 different designs. 

This is the make up idea I have but i need to get the right colors and i'm considering putting the torch on her cheek.

Here is the hair design I'm doing but I need to clean it up a bit and straighten up the circles.

I have more pictures to show but I will post the rest another day. Let me know honestly what you think of my ideas for the contest and feel free to give suggestions to make it all come together . 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back Online after moving

It took almost 3 weeks to get the internet going but we finally got it back up. Our move went well and we are in the new apartment. It is so much better than where we lived. Just wanted to let everyone know we are moved and I'm finally back.