Monday, February 18, 2013

I passed my exams!!!!!

 Its been a long time since my last post. I have been busy as of late but I wanted to update my friends on here finally. I now work at Mastercuts at the local mall. I took my exams finally for my license and I passed both so now I am finally a licensed cosmetologist. Now I'm considering going back to school to get my teachers license in the same field as a back up plan for myself.
 We are planning a trip back home this summer to visit friends and family. I can't wait  I really miss seeing and hanging out with everyone back home. I bit the bullet and went back on to FB and found a lot of my old schoolmates. I love talking to everyone to see where they ended up and how their families are. look for me there if u want to talk.  When the weather improves I will get some pictures taken and post for u all to see. Until then here is the most recent picture of me. No laughing allowed   lol.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm a Graduate now

I finally graduated from cosmetology school today. It took over a year but it was worth it. Now I just need to get past state boards. Here are the pictures we got at my bubble walk at school.

The first two are Faith and I walking toward the time clock for me to clock out

This me with one of my teachers Mrs. Raudabaugh

Me with my first teacher Mr Rishel 

Presents I got from 2 classmates at school.
They remembered I love Nightmare on Elm Street Movies. LOL!
It really made me smile.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Exciting Day at School

Today at my school we had our industry celebrity come visit and teach a class today on acrylic nails. I learned so much in the hour class I had. His name is Trang Nguyen. Here's a little background on him.

Trang Nguyen is a champion nail competitor, salon owner, school owner, and manufacturer. Trang began his career in Californiaas a nail technician in 1984, then move to Florida. His high profile on the competition circuit made him an inspiration to many nail techs, so Trang decided to create a professional product that would meet the exacting standards of the top nail competitions and still work successfully in the busy salon environment. After experimenting with different formulations, Trang launched Odyssey Nail Systems in 1999.

Anyway to top off the day I got my picture taken with him at the school in front of my display for the Olympics. I am so excited.

Just wanted to share.  

Also I graduate on August 21, 2012. Its almost here. I can't believe it. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Olympics Theme Contest @ school

The Olympic Theme Hair , Nails and Make up contest at school happened today. I won.   Here are photos of my display.


Make up


I was so surprised by the prize, especially the shears.  

I also want to give a huge Happy Birthday shout out to my now 16 year old son.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Well it has been awhile since I blogged so I would like to update you all on my business as of late. We moved to a safer location from where we were and we love it here. I have been studying a lot at school and just about have all my credits I need to graduate. Actually I will have all my credits next week then I go back to pre-salon to get the 2 classes I need to make up from missing due to my surgery. As soon as I am done in there I take the exit test to graduate in mid August.  I am working on yet another competition at school. The theme is the Olympics and it involves hair nails and make up. Here are  photos of my work in progress.   Any ideas are welcome to assist me.

                                     I'm still working on the nails but these are the ideas I have for them. We have to submit at least 5 nails so I wanted 5 different designs. 

This is the make up idea I have but i need to get the right colors and i'm considering putting the torch on her cheek.

Here is the hair design I'm doing but I need to clean it up a bit and straighten up the circles.

I have more pictures to show but I will post the rest another day. Let me know honestly what you think of my ideas for the contest and feel free to give suggestions to make it all come together . 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back Online after moving

It took almost 3 weeks to get the internet going but we finally got it back up. Our move went well and we are in the new apartment. It is so much better than where we lived. Just wanted to let everyone know we are moved and I'm finally back.

Saturday, May 5, 2012