Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Olympics Theme Contest @ school

The Olympic Theme Hair , Nails and Make up contest at school happened today. I won.   Here are photos of my display.


Make up


I was so surprised by the prize, especially the shears.  

I also want to give a huge Happy Birthday shout out to my now 16 year old son.



Amel said...

WOW...CONGRATULATIONNNNSSSSS!!!! You're really talented and creative!

And happy birthday to your son. I remember when he was still small. Now he's so big already!!! Gee, time flies...may God bless him always and keep him safe...

Getty72 said...

Hey Michelle!

Fantastic work, you are soooo talented! It is so nice to see other peoples artwork and creativity, it is reallu inspirational. Congratulations on a deserved prize.

And a big happy birthday to your son! Goodness, 16 years old!!!