Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Beginnings

We have been through a lot this year, as the scenario for several families around the country. My whole family as well as my hubby’s whole family were born and raised in Indiana and because of job loss we had to go where he found a job, Pennsylvania. All our friends and family are still back home and we are still adjusting to the new environment and wage loss. I am slowly finding us help via the Red Cross, and I can not thank any of them enough for the help we have received so far. I’m looking for a job but with my lack of skills (only retail) and my availability for now is making it difficult. I wish I could try to make money part time at least from home but not sure what I could do. So in the meantime between running everyone around, doing errands and job searching; I’m trying to learn new recipes (which I will share later) and learning to shop thrifty. I’m learning more about myself everyday and trying to learn our new location.

Let me back up a few month’s, in July my hubby lost his job of sixteen years. There was no real warning this was coming, but we should have seen it coming, considering his dad lost his job from the same place a year or a little more before my hubby as well as other company men that has had years in the company. My hubby got ahold of an old supervisor he used to work with and he helped get him a job in our new location. So we had very little time to get things in order and move here pulling a 4 x 8 trailer with our small car.
On the plus side we have seen the Gettysburg battlefield. That was such a wonderful and awesome experience. The vastness and the statues are breathtaking. You can really imagine how things were after seeing and walking the battlefield and the town. Still seeing the cannonball holes and bullet holes in buildings is amazing to see. Here are three photo's that I took of one spot in town iand is one of my favorites.

I printed most of the photos I took and only had a very small amount on my sim card. When the weather warms up I will take some new photos to show. Well I’ll wind this one up here and continue the new journey later on.
Keep the faith!


Trinity said...

dear friend, thank you so much for not giving up of me... thank you for updating me... thank you for your friendship. I appreciate it... *hugs*

you will be in my prayers... I will try to update my blog again as often as I can and keep in touch with you more often...

Choc Mint Girl said...

Hi, Michelle Dawn... :-) Glad you are back. It won't be easy, but I do hope and pray for you that you will find a job soon. Take care. :-)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Change can be so overwhelming for us.
It sounds like YOU are making the best of it...keep up the positive attitude. I wish you and your family the best in your new adventure. Keep taking photos for us...I have never been to this area.